Marketing Warmup

A quickstart marketing program guaranteed to generate qualified leads every month


What it is

Over the past 5 years, TRIdigital has executed thousands of campaigns that have generated over 100,000 qualified leads for our clients.

We’ve collected all of our best performing campaigns and marketing materials and have put them together in this amazingly affordable package to generate up to 10 leads a month guaranteed.

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What you get


Landing Pages








Email Campaigns


Marketing Coordinator


Honey CRM


10 Qualified Leads /mo

What it costs

3 Months$1,500

Per month

  • 3 Landing Pages
  • 3 Whitepapers
  • 1 eBooks
  • 6 Email Campaigns
  • 6 Follow-up Campaigns
  • 3 Solution Videos
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Quarterly Consultation
  • Fully set-up Honey CRM
  • 30 Qualified Leads
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6 Months$1,400

Per month

  • 6 Landing Pages
  • 6 Whitepapers
  • 2 eBooks
  • 12 Email Campaigns
  • 12 Follow-up Campaigns
  • 6 Solution Videos
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Quarterly Consultation
  • Fully set-up Honey CRM
  • 60 Qualified Leads
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12 Months$1,300

Per month

  • 12 Landing Pages
  • 12 Whitepapers
  • 4 eBooks
  • 24 Email Campaigns
  • 24 Follow-up Campaigns
  • 10 Solution Videos
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Quarterly Consultation
  • Fully set-up Honey CRM
  • 120 Qualified Leads
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What the results are

Xpert Technologies

Total leads: 86

“When we came to TRIdigital, we were about to give up.”

KJ Technology

Total leads: 788

“There’s one day when you realize we’re not just going to get there by referrals.”

GB Tech

Total leads: 518

“Before TRIdigital we closed 1-2 sales a quarter. With TRIdigital, we’re closing one lead a month”

BEI Technology

Total leads: 242

“I feel and see the results that there’s a team of professionals that are solid in marketing”

ISG Technology

Total leads: 410

“The leads are coming in”

Blue River Tech Partners

Total leads: 231

“We’re getting 2-3 new deals every month at $250 a user”


Total leads: 334

“The people who are coming to us have been warm or hot leads”

KME Systems

Total leads: 256

“We felt like you listened to us, as well as gave us excellent feedback on how to succeed.”

Axxys Technology

Total leads: 449

“We’ve grown our business exponentially since working with TRIdigital”

IT Direct

Total leads: 498

“We’ve had a lot of success talking to our clients”

Grexo Technology

Total leads: 827

“We have so many leads we can’t follow up with all of them.”

PRO OnCall

Total leads: 1,440

“Once the process got started, I knew I was dealing with a team of professionals. “

Trend Micro

Total leads: 501

“TRIdigital is a dynamic team of crazy talented, creative thinking, terrific people.”

Ipro Media

Total leads: 1,196

“TRIdigital is passionate about marketing as my team is about technology.”